Art by Ravelo Website Launch

The idea of expanding my brand through clothing came to me a year ago. Since then I have been experimenting with different ideas, trying to find the right "fit" to do so.  At first I thought that maybe I should do a pop-up shop. I would be able to display my work in addition to selling some merchandise. After doing a little research, I realized how expensive it would be to do that. Quickly it became clear to me that my nonexistent "budget" wouldn't be able to pull off that project. 


In all actuality I wanted to be able to reach people everywhere and not only be familiar locally. The idea for my own website was it !  But who knows how to actually build a website? I commissioned a dope photographer Laura K. Yancy to take some photos of the merchandise. And I found a site that helped, but even with the templates it was kind of difficult. After what seemed like the longest few days of my life I finally got it right. I am proud to finally present to the world wide web: is where you can come and get everything dope. I plan on writing frequently. Mostly about my upcoming projects art, music and some other cool stuff. Stay tuned!




- As told by : Ravelo